Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pic Today 5/3/16


My charge in art class
was a cheerful special-needs student
with classic autism difficulties.

The challenge was to create an art piece
based on his "favorite likes and things".
Getting him to talk about these favorites
was difficult, at best.

He drew family, and music and flowers,
as best he could.
And I loved watching him go
"outside the lines."

He then mumbled some places,
which I couldn't understand.
And then grabbed color markers
and began to write . . .

He wrote so freely and fast,
changing colors on each line
(his penmanship was beautiful).
He handed me the finished page,
which listed all the places he recalled
on a trip to Chicago.

He addressed the assignment
and created a beautiful piece of art.

(I'll make sure his mother receives this piece.)

This was my lesson today in art class,
and a creative mind unleashed.


  1. Fantástica esa obra Rick. Tu trabajo con estos jóvenes es estupendo fomentando el arte y motivándolos para sacar lo mejor de cada uno.

  2. Amigo Forrestal,la creatividad és un don que poseemos los humanos

  3. Great achievement, Rick, for the both of you!
    Going outside the lines is the best thing we should all do, it gives perspective on the "system" and if we can't avoid it completely at least we can build a better understanding of the world. Autistic children have this advantage over many others.
    Well done!

  4. This is great! What a remarkable day!

  5. Amazing, this filled my heart knowing he had this chance to pour his talent out through art.