Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pic Today 6/18/16


Alas, I've returned to the "real world",
and am now ending my photo highlights
of my recent trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.

I shall miss this beautiful, friendly country,
   and look forward to my return . . . 
those amazing turquoise waters,
the palms and monkeys,
white beaches and green jungles,
amazing Mayan ruins now discovered,
being blessed by a shaman,
swimming in an underground cenote,
and the beautiful faces of those Mayan children.

Hasta luego.


  1. What an amazing trip - a new universe, full of beauty, mystery and peace. Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos, especially the ones about the Mayans. When I was a school girl, I read a lot about them and even dreamt to become an archaeologist...:)

  2. I need a holiday like that. It has been a while...