Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pic Today 6/26/16



What a joy to be a small part
of Joy Stinger's honey harvest.

Sharing the day 
with her wonderful bees.
Learning so much.
Working so hard.

It's a beautiful process.
Taking just enough,
leaving a share for the bees.

Inspecting each "super,"
pulling the frames heavy with honey.
Scraping the comb wax off,
placing each one in the centrifuge.

Glad to get out of our "bee suits"
on a muggy, hot day.

(I've got honey all over my camera!)

 New profile pic?

P.S. There's a great YouTube video
on Joy Stinger and her amazing property.
You'd love it -- look for "The Joy Of Doing." 


  1. Un estupendo pero duro día de trabajo. Pareces un astronauta de la NASA...jeje

  2. Nice bees and what a good lady with a smile :)))

  3. YES its a lovely new profile pic:-)
    She is a ggod lady and I love bees and their Honey :-)
    Have a great day.

  4. Looks like some healthy bee hives. I am going to check out Joy's youtube video.