Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pic Today 6/30/16


Nothing is more important
for our survival.

People need clean water for their health.
One in three people,
about 117-million Americans,
get drinking water from streams.
(60% of the world's population
does NOT have access to any
drinkable water at all.)

Our cherished way of life
depends on clean water,
as healthy ecosystems provide 
wildlife habitat, and places to
fish, paddle, surf and swim.

Clean and reliable water is an
endangered resource and economic driver,
essential for manufacturing, farming, tourism, 
recreation and energy production.

The health of our rivers, lakes, bays and
coastal waters are impacted by the streams
and wetlands where they begin.

Streams trap floodwaters, recharge groudwater
supplies, filter pollution, and provide
habitat for fish and wildlife.
Protecting streams and wetlands will improve
our resilience to climate change.

Appreciate and protect this
precious resource.


  1. Sin duda alguna Rick! La foto de la libélula es genial.

  2. It truly is a precious resource. Taken for granted much of the time.