Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pic Today 7/12/16


It's been wet here, very wet.
Wet wet Spring,
and more of the same
right into Summer.

Rain, rain, and more rain.
Flooding, too.

Everything is growing,
bigger, faster, greener!

Appreciating all this water. 
More than half of world populations
has no access to water.
No drinkable, usable water!
(Hard to imagine, hard to believe.)

So, feeling fortunate with all our wetness.
We are rich with water.

(It's been so wet and rainy along the Meramec,
the limestone rock bluffs at the river cabin
are completely covered with plant life.) 

(Plants growing in rock!
We're going to need lots of water.)


  1. Esa agua les da vida y magia preciosas fotos hermosas letras un beso desde mi brillo del mar amigo

  2. Me gustan mucho las imágenes, especialmente, la segunda y la lluvia que se siente entre tus versos es hermosa.

    Un beso.

  3. El agua siempre es un "milagro"
    Un abrazo, Rick.