Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pic Today 7/21/16


The Rogue Underground Dining Society
had a special dinner guest chef,
Yana Gilbuena,
who led the Rogue chefs and staff
in a special "pop up" dinner
early this week.

Yana has made news headlines recently,
having conducted gourmet Filipino dinners
in all 50 U.S. states, provinces in Canada,
and several dinners in Mexico City and Tulum.
She is self-described at the
"Filipino Culinary Nomad.

Crowd favorites at the Rogue event
were pancit palabok and kare kare,
featuring soft shell crabs, prawns
and century eggs,
  in a crisp tapioca shell . . . 

braised oxtails, black rice,
  peanut molé on a fresh banana leaf . . .

almond gazpacho with
  floating fruits and flowers . . .

and scallop nicoise with
cauliflower couscous.

(Yana helped select a selection
of world wines to go with each course.) 

Thank you, Yana.

(Filipino PopUp Dinners @saloseries)


  1. It all looks quite yummy but I would skip the century eggs!!
    Lovely post, Rick!
    Many thanks for your comments on my blog, just got back from the Atlantic ocean!
    Enjoy the end of the week

  2. Todo un despliegue de colores e imagino sabores estupendos. El gazpacho tiene una pinta tremenda.

  3. Una reunión de amigos y una buena comida