Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pic Today 9/22/16


". . . on an open fire . . ."
It seems early to hear that
unmistakable holiday lyric,
but fresh chestnuts are now in season.

And they do need to be roasted to enjoy.

If you see some at your local market,
why not give it a try?

It's easy.   Here's how . . . .

Wash some chestnuts, and dry.
Cut an X in the top of each nut
(to keep them from exploding),
place in an iron skillet or
heavy baking sheet,
and place in a hot oven (375˚)
until golden brown.
Or you can place the skillet
"on an open fire",
and move the nuts briskly around.

Let cool.
And definitely serve with a mug
of holiday punch.

Don't wait for Jack Frost to nip at your nose.

(P.S.  Today is the first day of autumn.)


  1. Hello Rick,
    First, many thanks for your kind comments on my blog while I was away, it was really lovely to read them :)
    I enjoy your feedbacks on some of my posts!
    I see you already are way into autumn with your publications, and chestnuts are a great part of it.
    I used to have them on my property and we would also prepare jam with them, it is delicious!
    Wram regards, enjoy your day :)

  2. Bonjour Rick,
    Et bel automne, et oui la saison des châtaignes commence et on va se régaler 😊
    Belle journée, bises !

  3. Qué ricas están asadas y calentitas!! Una de las muchas cosas buenas que tiene el otoño es que con él llegan las castañas. ¡Me gustan aunque sea crudas! Quitándoles la piel que amarga con paciencia, claro. ¡¡Feliz entrada al otoño!!

  4. Yes ! it's delicious
    here is from late October the chestnut season

  5. Típico del otoño en todo el mundo, las castañas calentitas. Buenas imágenes Rick.
    Un abrazo

  6. Deliciosas y aunque es verdad que se pueden comer sin esperar a que haga frío, en la playa o la piscina no apetece...jeje

  7. I've never eaten chestnuts. Here only grow wild. In France I ever wanted picked chestnuts but not eaten. Gorgeous and beautiful bright pictures make you!
    Greetings, Helma

  8. oh yum
    thank you
    i look forward to doing this!

  9. A bit expensive, don't you think?! : )

    Love roasted chetnuts!

  10. Chestnuts in Portugal are roasted in the street, and led to a fado, sung by the great Carlos do Carmo, called The Man Of Chestnuts

  11. Durante muchos años,las castañas fueron el pan de los pobres

  12. thank you, came back for the instructions.