Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pic Today 10/23/16


 I've always been attracted to crystals.
Studied them.  Collected them. 

Crystals are very special.
With certain properties and powers.

Example:  Digital wrist watches
owe their accuracy to quartz crystals,
which vibrate precisely 
to thousands of a second.

Without preaching their cosmic and
specific powers, I will only suggest
we are just learning about crystals.

I am proud to show you my recent
very personal crystal acquisition . . .
this Lemurian Quartz Crystal.

It's a beauty.


  1. Una muy linda colección la que nos muestras.

    Un beso y feliz domingo.

  2. Son bellísimos, por su color y su transparencia.
    Un abrazo Rick

  3. Hi Rick,

    yes I love crystel too, and some live in small homes build with crystels.

    I have a small Collection too, but not as beautyful as yous.

    Wish you a lovely Sunday:-)

  4. We know so little about our earth and the mysteries it holds, one being crystals. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and collection. My mind is open and eager to learn.

  5. Muy bonitos esos cristales Rick, seguro que te darán buenas energías.
    Un abrazo

  6. You are wise to make friends with the crystals. Wonderful things