Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pic Today 11/27/16


"Gluten free" is growing in popularity,
with many health benefits.
For some.

As a "gluten lover," I am reminded
how amazing and beautiful
a crusty loaf of yeasty artisan bread
can be!

A visit to Union Loafers Bakery
(Tower Grove Avenue)
was a beautiful reminder
how bread can be, should be.

Their crusty flour-dusted ciabatta
was spectacular, in every way.
Crusty on the outside.
Creamy gluten on the inside.
Naturally fermented with wild patterns
of pockets and holes in each loaf.

Amazing on its own.
Coming to life as a sandwich,
with garlic aioli mayo filling
every crack and hole.

  Or my favorite . . . 
spread with creamy butter
and local "apple butter."

This is bread!


  1. Si.... es el mejor, yo ya no puedo probarlo jiji... El pan Sin gluten solo hay que tomarlo si eres celíaco, no hay más beneficios que ese.

    Besos Rick :)

  2. Buenas imágenes Rick, se percibe el maravilloso aroma y el crujiente sonido.
    Un abrazo

  3. A poetic description of a loaf of bread!
    I love bread! I am actually eating too much bread nowadays... not good!! ; )

  4. That much gluten would put blogger friend Peggy in the hospital. I'll eat her portion instead.

  5. Real bread is so delicious. Nothing like the loaf of bread at the grocery store!

  6. Ese pan tiene una pinta estupenda Rick, me encanta la primera, y esos bocadillos parecen deliciosos.
    Un abrazo