Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Pic Today 7/10/18


I've heard stories about the
aromatic secrets of apricot pits,
but thanks to the recipe and
featured article in the July 1 issue
of New York Times Magazine,
the secret is out.

I started with a bowl of Blenheim apricots,
washed, seeded and quartered.
Leave the skins on.
Add sugar, about 2 cups,
and a pinch of sea salt.

Set aside, refrigerated, to macerate.
Spread the pits on a plate, and
stick in the freezer overnight.

The next morning, bring the
mixture to room temperature,
while you place pits on a clean towel,
and hammer to gently crack open
each pit to reveal and remove
the soft kernels -- the noyaux.
As soon as the kernel is crushed,
an amazing aroma is released.

Wrap the kernels in a cheesecloth bag,
and add to the cut fruit.

Bring to medium high heat,
and stir with a wooden spoon
for about 15 minutes,
until the syrup thickens and the
bubbles grown large.

Let cool,
Transfer to sterilized jelly jars.
You won't believe how delicious.

P.S.   Apricot season is 2-weeks long.
         Keep an eye out for Blenheims.


  1. Buena receta y buenas imágenes. Seguro que está delicioso.
    Un abrazo Rick

  2. They look perfect and delicious!

  3. Eres un verdadero crack tanto en la cocina como con la cámara.

  4. Bravo! These look delicious and thanks for the tip!