Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pic Today 6/30/16


Nothing is more important
for our survival.

People need clean water for their health.
One in three people,
about 117-million Americans,
get drinking water from streams.
(60% of the world's population
does NOT have access to any
drinkable water at all.)

Our cherished way of life
depends on clean water,
as healthy ecosystems provide 
wildlife habitat, and places to
fish, paddle, surf and swim.

Clean and reliable water is an
endangered resource and economic driver,
essential for manufacturing, farming, tourism, 
recreation and energy production.

The health of our rivers, lakes, bays and
coastal waters are impacted by the streams
and wetlands where they begin.

Streams trap floodwaters, recharge groudwater
supplies, filter pollution, and provide
habitat for fish and wildlife.
Protecting streams and wetlands will improve
our resilience to climate change.

Appreciate and protect this
precious resource.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pic Today 6/29/16


The Zen of fishing . . .

cold clean waters, 
the right lures,
thinking like a rainbow trout,
finding peace.

(Connecting with nature.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pic Today 6/28/16


Highlights from the current exhibition,
"Self-Taught Genius Treasures"
from the American Folk Art Museum.

18th and 19th century from un-trained artists:
paintings, drawings, carvings, pottery and
the most amazing collection of quilts and embroidery.
All from artists, some unknown,
who achieved a very high level of genius.

Overwhelming talent. 
(On view at St. Louis Art Museum,
through September.) 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Pic Today 6/27/16


Back in the 1920's,
it was all about "getting your kicks
on Route 66", and
America's love affair with the automobile.

In 1926, America's first U.S. highway
was authorized . . . one paved 2-lane route
from Chicago to Santa Monica, California.

The route paved the way to vacations
   "on the road", in the family car . . .

and to enterprising roadside businesses
along the way.

St. Louis was the largest city along Route 66,
and so, a famous stop for
motels, drive-in restaurants, gift shops,
gas and auto repair stations.

There's a current exhibition of roadside ads
and original neon  signage
from Route 66
(some long gone, some having survived the years.)

Thankful for some favorite survivors:
Steak-n-Shake and Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.
Alas, no Coral Courts Motel (rooms by the hour.)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pic Today 6/26/16



What a joy to be a small part
of Joy Stinger's honey harvest.

Sharing the day 
with her wonderful bees.
Learning so much.
Working so hard.

It's a beautiful process.
Taking just enough,
leaving a share for the bees.

Inspecting each "super,"
pulling the frames heavy with honey.
Scraping the comb wax off,
placing each one in the centrifuge.

Glad to get out of our "bee suits"
on a muggy, hot day.

(I've got honey all over my camera!)

 New profile pic?

P.S. There's a great YouTube video
on Joy Stinger and her amazing property.
You'd love it -- look for "The Joy Of Doing." 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pic Today 6/25/16


Daylilies are easy to grow,
and bloom most of the early summer.

Yellow and orange flowers are seen
in most home gardens these hot muggy days. 

Did you know these handsome flowers
are completely edible, and
a colorful addition to your summer salad?

Both the buds and flowers can be used raw,
or stuffed and baked for a side dish.

Just make sure the lilies you use
are daylilies (and not asiatic lilies).
(The ones shown above are daylilies.)

(NOTE: They are toxic to cats.)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Pic Today 6/24/16


Now is the season (hot, hot, hot)
when the sacred lotus sends its blooms
above the water.

Angular stems
reaching past radiating leaves.
Tight buds bursting
into white and pink perfection.

The show has begun
in the Japanese Garden pond,
at Missouri Botanical Garden.

(So beautiful.)