Monday, July 16, 2018

Pic Today 7/16/18


Yana Gilbuena,
Filipino chef and author
stopped by St. Louis
for a Rogue Underground
communal pop-up dinner
this past weekend
for an authentic "kamayan"
communal dining experience.

Served on a table of banana leaves,
with no plates or utensils,
Chef Yana prepared
authentic butterflied trout
on fresh banana leaves,
baked with ginger, garlic,
scallion and lime leaf,
lightly bathed with calamansi
and soy sauce.

(See to learn
more about this amazing
traveling chef.)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Pic Today 7/15/18


Now that peaches are in season,
here's a recipe you'll love.

Halve some fresh ripe peaches.
Remove the pit,
and grill them on a hot fire.

Season with cinnamon and sugar,
cut into small pieces.

Serve on top of vanilla ice cream.

Oh my!
Guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pic Today 7/14/18


Local peaches are ripe
and ready.

Know what a "sink eater"
peach is?

(So sweet and juicy,
you better eat it over the sink!)

The peach festival takes place today,
starting at 8:00am
at Kirkwood Farmers Market.

Stop by, for a free taste.
And vote for your favorite.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pic Today 7/13/18


There's no missing
some blooms.

Mother Nature shows
the power of display advertising.
Making sure pollination occurs.


(Sunglasses recommended.)

Pic Today 7/12/18


Inside each apricot pit
lies an inner flavor
worth finding.

The noyaux,
or apricot kernel,
is a soft almond-like
center under the pit shell.
(With an overnight freezing,
a light strike with a hammer
releases the noyaux.)

The secret to sublime aromatics
in apricot jam is revealed
by wrapping these delicate pieces
in cheesecloth bags,
and cooking with the sliced fruit
on a medium-low flame.

An extraordinary aroma
awaits you.