Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pic Today 3/10/10

Remember the "Lindsay Milk-A-Holic" E-Trade Super Bowl ad?
(Personally, this blogger thought it was the funniest one of the lot.)

It's the one where the baby boy and baby girl are chatting over a video camera, and he explains he didn't call her last night because he was taking care of his portfolio . . . and she asks, suspiciously, "And that milk-a-holic Lindsay wasn't over?" The boy replies, "Lindsay?"

At that point, a second baby girl enters the frame, in front of the boy, and asks "Milk-A-What?"
(Funny stuff. Great animated lip synch. And hands down funnier than any of the perrenially lame Bud Light ads!) Well, get this . . . .

Lindsay Lohan has filed a $100-million law suit against E-Trade claiming the ad was based on her ! ! ! Huh???

Don't flatter yourself, Ms. Lohan. There are lots of other Lindsays out there.
(Maybe Ms. Lohan is hitting the "other sauce." Geez!)

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