Monday, August 31, 2015

Pic Today 8/31/15


There's a little-known wild fruit
that grows along Missouri river banks
(and all along the cabin driveway,
next to the limestone bluffs) 
called the paw paw.

Known by country folk as custard apples,
these fruits turn ripe this time of year,
and it's best to pick 'em before the
wild critters get 'em
(or they will be quick to disappear.)

Paw paws have a soft flesh inside
when ripe, and taste like a cross
between a banana and a mango.

Like the old country song lyrics go:

Pickin' up paw paws, 
put 'em in your pocket.
Way down yonder in the paw paw patch.

Closest neighbors (Walt & Carolyn),
at the top of the hill
came down to share some home-cooked food
for a great country meal.


  1. Me encanta venir a disfrutar de tus preciosas imágenes.

    Un beso.

  2. Certero arte visual y poético.


  3. Una fruta peculiar, parece tropical. Bonita foto de ambiente hogareño...

  4. cool !
    this fruit is much like the wild mango ;-)

  5. Some people don't like their taste but you get accustomed quite easily. These have a different shape from the ones we had in Africa and those we find on markets here in France... maybe they taste also a little differently?
    I don't think there is a healthier fruit on this planet!!

  6. It's so big!
    I didn't recognize this fruit... I had to search in the Net to know more... and I realized I know it by the name of PAPAIA. It's really good.

    Sweet kisses