Friday, August 7, 2015

Pic Today 8/7/15


It's that time of year
(later summer)
when lush farm fields
are dotted with round bales
of fresh grass and alfalfa.

Livestock, cows and horses
will need the fodder 
for the coming cold months.

Baling equipment has become
larger and more streamlined
since the days of 2-twine square bales.

For the next month or so,
these large circular bales
are amazingly weather proof
(until they're carried to the barn.)


  1. I've always been attracted by these round bales! Here one can see usually hay-stacks in squares. But in both cases the image is pastoral for me - late summer, sunset, storks before leaving...
    Thank you for the recent posts, Rick! With your picks you tell stories!:)

  2. Chez nous aussi en France les moissonneuses ont fait leur travail et le paysage que tu as mis en valeur pourrait être celui d'une campagne française.
    Belle journée à toi- Bises Cath

  3. With us also in France harvesters have done their job and the landscape that you have highlighted could be that of a French campaign. I hope my English is not too bad!
    Have a nice day- Cath.

  4. para el invierno .. que es largo
    buen fin de semana
    y gracias !

  5. it is so beautiful to see bales scattered in a field! i love it

  6. Yes summer is baling time :))
    have a nice weekend