Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pic Today 8/5/15


. . . the weather was hot.
It was a good season for tomatoes. 
And we were running low on pasta sauce.

So we gathered one Saturday in August,
picked up tomatoes at a local farm,
washed and cored each one.
Added onions and garlic,
and strained the beautiful pulp.

Then cooked it slow all afternoon,
taking turns stirring.
Watching it thicken,
until it looked and tasted just right.

Letting it cool,
in sterilized jars.
Two fresh-picked basil leaves
into each jar.

We saved some for pasta that evening.
And remembered why we make
fresh pasta sauce each August. 

We meet again on the 16th (my birthday)
to make this year's batch of pasta sauce.
And the tomatoes are very good this year.

(My task is picking perfect basil leaves,
washing and drying each one.
An important task!)


  1. Uau that tomato and basil sauce must be so yummy! And yes, picking the basil leaves it is in deed a very important task!!

    (btw just saw spanglish yesterday and you were totaly right! loved the movie and Adam Sandler actually looked like a normal person!! Thank you! )

  2. Thank you for your kind words Rick :)
    I hope that I will have more time for blogging.
    And the pasta looks very good, I can feel that sweet tomato smell.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Looks fantastic!
    I have a small greenhouse. The cucumbers are doing fine.
    The tomatoes not so good:( It is a cold summer in Norway.

  4. Sounds delicious...
    I love pasta and tomato sauce!
    ; )


  5. What fabulous images and so productive. I adore pasta, whatever the sauce !! I shouldn't think that you will have to buy tomato sauce for a while !! XXXX

  6. ...I really enjoyed this post. You can't beat homemade tomato sauce. I like the tradition that goes into it as well. (What type of burner are you using?)