Monday, August 29, 2016

Pic Today 8/29/16


It is fitting that
James Preston lives in
Haight Ashbury (San Francisco),
where tie-dye fabrics were
reportedly "invented" over 50+ years ago.

Preston is the acknowledged master
of tie-dye, and still creating masterpieces
at "Positively Haight Street",
a shop he has owned for 30 years.

James was a close friend of Jerry Garcia,
who selected some of his tie-dye work
for the covers of Grateful Dead albums.
Preston's tie-dye flag flew above
San Francisco City Hall
when Jerry Garcia died.
(Signed Preston tapestries are popular
world-wide, and hang in major museums.)

When I lived in San Francisco,
I purchased a huge signed tapestry
from him in 1999 (shown above.)

If you ever visit San Francisco,
be sure to visit "Positively Haight,"
1400 Haight Street,
where Preston resides 40 hours a week.
You'll enjoy the experience.

(If you're interested in purchasing the
above tie-dye tapestry, 60" x 90",
created by Preston in 1999,
please inquire.)


  1. Bonjour Rick,
    C'est vraiment très beau, les couleurs sont superbes.
    Belle semaine, bises !

  2. Todo un artista en el tinte con nudos. El modelo es para pasar desapercibido...

  3. Some nice clothes!He really did those?Wow!


  4. Some nice clothes!He really did those?Wow!